Notice: We regret to inform our customers that coverage will not be provided for trip cancellations to any countries in relation to nCoV for policies issued from 22 Jan 2020 onwards. For insured who purchased their policies on 21 Jan 2020 or before, we will respond based on the terms and conditions of the benefits claimed. Please note that as the situation develops, coverage provided to other areas are subject to change.

Online Claim Portal

No more paperwork. Just submit your claims via our online claim portal - It only takes a few minutes.

We want to make your claim experience as simple and convenient as possible. Our dedicated Claims team is here to help every step of the way – You may contact them at 1800 222 1818, from Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:30pm (except public holidays).

Simply follow these 3 easy steps to complete your online claim submission:


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Fill in your personal details and choose the benefits for which you are making a claim.


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Take photo of your supporting documents (or scan them) and upload them.


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Provide your bank account details under 'Payment Details'.

Note: Each claim is unique and will be assessed based on its merit. We would, from time to time, request further information from you, for us to assess your claim. You do not need to send us original documents, however we require you to keep all original documents for 6 months from the date of submission, in the event we need to sight them. We would like to remind you, that we will deny claims that are either dishonest or of fraudulent nature, and such claims will be referred to the appropriate authorities.

Supporting documents

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Your “Must Have” Documents for all type of Claims

1. A copy of the flight / cruise itinerary and boarding pass

2. A copy of the claimant's passport

3. A copy of the claimant's NRIC or Work Pass 

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Medical & Dental Expenses

1. A copy of doctor memo or medical report or Inpatient Discharge Summary (IDS) outlining 1st onset date and diagnosis of the medical condition.

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Luggage & Personal Effects

1. A copy of the receipt of purchase/ warranty card/ credit card statement for the lost or damaged items

2. A copy of the police or carrier or relevant authority report/ letter.

3. A copy of the repair quotation (for the damaged items).

4. A copy of the bank statement/ withdrawal slip/ currency exchange slip showing amount withdrawn for the trip (for theft of money). 

5. Photograph of the damaged items.

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Travel, Baggage Delay & Flight Misconnection

1. A copy of the airline letter or report stating the reason and duration of the delay (for flight delay)

2. A copy of the Property Irregularity Report (for baggage delay and/or damaged baggage)

3. A copy of the luggage acknowledgment receipt stating the date and time upon claimant receiving the luggage (for baggage delay).

Allianz Travel Insure Portal - cancellation-2


1. A copy of the doctor memo or medical report/ Inpatient Discharge Summary (IDS) outlining the 1st onset date and diagnosis of the medical condition (if cancelled due to medical condition)

2. A copy of the death certificate due to the unfortunate death of the insured, his children, relative or dependent.

3. A copy of the birth certificate or marriage certificate (proof of relationship)

4. A copy of the cancellation slip or letter from the airline/ hotel stating any refunds or no refunds given

Allianz Travel Insure Portal - vehicle-excess

Rental Vehicle Excess

1. A copy of the claimant's driving license.

2. A copy of the car booking rental agreement.

3. A copy of the incident or police report.

4. A copy of the final repair invoice from the repairer.

5. A copy of the credit card/ bank statement showing the amount charged and corresponding Singapore Dollar conversion.

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